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Spirit Mk2 Digital
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Spirit Mk2 Digital

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Manufacturer's Description:

There are three major parts to cable design, the conductor, insulation,and shielding. A lot of our competition focus and expend a lot of resources on the first. Some pay token attention to the other two and as a result get token contributions from them. At Dynamic Design equal attention is paid to all three parts and some additional supplemental but beneficial processes. Our conductors are carefully chosen for their conductivity and linearity; our insulators are low-loss, high speed designs that reduce smearing; and our shielding materials and implementation are state of the art offering great detail and musicality from the lowest to the highest notes. Combined with our innovative processes, our designs offer true neutral performance by preserving the integrity of what ever signals are fed into them. Instrumental timbres are presented with natural attack and decay, harmonic structures are woven with mesmerizing fundamentals and harmonics, soundstage size is precise with clearly delineated instruments within the soundstage, with instruments occupying their own acoustic space. Micro and macro dynamics are presented with unique agility and power. Our products also offer true wide bandwidth performance with pervasive clarity across the frequency spectrum that is able reveal the real nuances present at the original recording. 

Insulation/Dielectric – The Spirit MK2™ Digital power cord uses specially formulated low storage insulators for incredible clarity and speed. This low loss system offer excellent detail retrieval, wide bandwidth performance, and dynamic agility that bring recorded music to life

Conductor – The Spirit MK2™ Digital power cord uses our newly improved HPBM™ conductors for ultra-low resistance and true instrumental timbre.

Shield - The Spirit MK2™ Digital power cord features our advanced UMLS™system for excellent noise abatement and ultra wide bandwidth performance.


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