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Extreme Phono's Speed Standard Kit w - None Felt Mat
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Extreme Phono's Speed Standard Kit w - None Felt Mat

Analog Accessories by Extreme Phono

Manufacturer's Description:

The Speed Mat
The Speed Mat from Extreme Phono is an extremely thin (0.47mm to be exact), carbon fiber record mat. It can be laid over any turntable platter or any mat material (None Felt, Felt, Rubber, whatever) and it offers a tremendous increase in musicality to boost. The most significant changes include: expanded dynamics, more extended and controlled bass, and high frequencies becomes more cleanly defined. It sounds like the Signal-Noise ratio of the system expands, as the noise floor drops dramatically. The soundstage just gets wider and deeper. With the "Speed Mat", analog playback becomes more accurate and focused. Attack and decay are fast and furious.

How is this accomplished? To start off, Extreme Phono uses 100% pure carbon graphite fabric consisting of three thousand fibers. The same fabric is used in the most demanding aerospace and defense industries. The fabric is impregnated with resin selected for stability and good sound. To keep the "Speed Mat" extremely flat requires a special clean room as well as a high-precision press. The final mats are individually precision-cut using an extremely high pressure cutting tool simultaneously searing off and cold-welds the edge to retain its shape without fraying the fibers.

None Felt Mat
No turntable tweak has turned as many heads as the amazing None-Felt phono mat has! These 3mm thick mats produce some of the most remarkable detail and extension that we have ever heard.  But don't take our word for it - Sam Tellig in the August 2002 Stereophile wrote, "I heard a richer, fuller sound, with less emphasis of detail and less surface noise...the Extreme Phono None-Felt Mat just did it - the mat sounded very, very right in my setup with a minimum of fuss." A Stereophile Recommended accessory, this is the analog tweak of the year!

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Price: $109.00
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