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SonexOne Acoustic Foam Panels with Hypalon
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SonexOne Acoustic Foam Panels with Hypalon

Acoustic Treatments by

Manufacturer's Description:

    * Softly sculpted surface pattern
    * Excellent sound absorption across all frequencies
    * Helps reduce noise, unwanted sounds, and reverberation in many types of interior environments
    * Panel size of 24"x48" in 2" or 3" thickness

SONEXone Panels are a versatile product, offering effective acoustic control in a variety of applications and environments including: industrial facilities, multi-purpose rooms and architectural projects. SONEXone panels are attractive and reliable, featuring (NRCs) Noise Reduction Coefficients ranging from 0.85 1.10. The sculpted surface of each panel deflects and disperses sound waves, allowing the open cell willtecr foam to convert sound energy into quiet, kinetic energy.

Sonex's exclusive willtec foam Class 1 fire-rated according ASTM E 84 for flame spread and smoke density. willtec natural meets the corner burn test UL 1715.

SONEXone Panels are available in natural, painted, or Hypalonr coated finishes. Our exclusive Hypalon formulation protects the foam from dust and dirt and makes it possible to wipe panels clean using only a damp cloth.

SONEXone Panels are easy to install on any wall and/or ceiling surface with illbruck's AcouSTICT water-based adhesive. The Panels can also be used in conjunction with SONEXone Baffles, which have the same pattern but are designed to hang from ceilings in large rooms or open interior spaces.


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