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Son of Q Junior
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Son of Q Junior

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Like father, like son, sometimes the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Akin to the Model Q, there is something unique about the Son of Q that distinguishes it from all the rest. In an audio component system, the most obvious difference is vivid low-end definition and midrange realism that broadens the sound stage and makes the listening environment seem much larger than it is. Customers tell us that they perceive a much more realistic stereo image with finer detail and subtle nuance along with perfect phasing that places instruments on a stage in a way that rivals a live performance. What it does for video is equally impressive. Blacks become blacker without sparkles. Brightly colored images retain more detail. An unmistakable and dramatic improvement in the quality of sound and video of an A/V system defines the Son of Q.

The Son is offered in 3 different sizes. The original Son of Q model has a 1500 Watt capacity and plugs into any standard 15-amp 120-volt wall outlet as does it's smaller sibling, the Son of Q Jr., which has a 1000 Watt AC load capacity. The largest of the three, the Son of Q Sr. can drive 2000 Watts of load but it requires a full sized 20-amp outlet such as the kind found near most modern kitchen countertops. They run silently emitting no audible noise. They run luke water warm at the most when loaded up to full capacity. The entire Son of Q line has been thoughtfully designed with many years of balanced power manufacturing experience behind them. They are the new generation of standard systems that we build, refined beyond any product that we have ever offered in their price range.

Son of Qs have a simple yet elegant appearance. They feature an anodized aluminum front panel that is available in black or silver. On the front panel there are 2 LED indicator lights, one above the input power switch and one above the output standby switch that monitor power status at the input and at the output of the unit. The input power LED doubles as a TVSS status light that indicates active surge protection when lit. On rare occasion if it stops working and the output light still works, that means that the surge protector has taken a big hit and expired. In the rare event that this happens, the Son of Q transformer's grounded Faraday shield maintains excellent backup surge protection until the TVSS can be replaced. On the back panel, there are 12 outlets provided. A GFCI outlet is independent from the front standby switch and is constantly left turned on for use with A/V components that require continuous power for a clock or to maintain memory. Of the 10 remaining outlets, 6 (white) are for analog components such as amplifiers and pre amps and 4 (gray) are specially filtered outlets for digital components. A circuit breaker on the rear panel protects the system from overload and from potential short circuit fire hazards in electrical power cords and downstream connected equipment.

Open the lid on a Son of Q and see for yourself how well made these systems truly are. There is no skimping on how Son of Qs are designed and built. All three models use isolation transformers with an enormous mass that rival competitors' products with twice the current rating. The Son of Q Jr. is modestly rated at 1000 Watts with a transformer that compares to our competitors' 20-amp systems. Its heart is massive and the Son of Q Sr. is literally twice the size. Son of Q transformers are designed to operate with an extremely low impedance and an extremely low magnetic flux density. This means that under load, they operate with a lot of magnetic headroom left in reserve so they can transfer current quickly upon demand to amplifier power supplies when a large transient occurs.

Many of today's highly sophisticated electronics and A/V systems do not require a high level of continuous current to operate efficiently. They simply do not have the mass and size that requires a constant high current power source but they do often demand high current in short bursts. The Son of Qs like the Model Qs are one of the very few power products in the marketplace that can routinely maintain a high power factor when used with high current burst loads. They actually enhance amplifier performance instead of making them sound weak and compressed. It is also interesting to note that the U.S. Navy Seals use a military version of the Son of Q with their pulse radar equipment for the very same reason. Son of Qs are engineered to be an ideal match for small to medium level A/V systems and like the Model Q, their performance specifications are rated for top engineers and professionals around the world.

Son of Qs meet the highest performance standards in the power industry -- standards that we ourselves created because we have been building balanced power products longer than all others. Equi=Tech literally wrote the book on balanced power. (1996 National Electrical Code Art. 530 Part "G" and 2002 NEC Art. 647 were written by Equi=Tech's President. The new 2006 IEEE Greenbook now credits Equi=Tech and lists balanced power as a recommended method of eliminating noise in data processing systems.) The balanced power revolution started here in the early 90s and we have been setting the standards for a very long time. It's no wonder that we do it so well. From the very beginning, Equi=Tech has been making new strides into uncharted territory. Proprietary component specifications and numerous US patents provide only a hint of the expertise we have acquired through years of experience and innovation. We are true pioneers and the Son of Q is a fine example of what we build. Equi=Tech products have earned many awards as well as a reputation in audio/video, television, theater, sporting and performance venues, R&D and scientific environments for effectiveness, reliability and as the power product of choice by top professionals around the world.

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