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Solid Tech's Solo Four Shelf
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Solid Tech's Solo Four Shelf

Racks and Stands by Solid Tech

Manufacturer's Description:

Four-Shelf, Outrageously Beautiful Rack

Radius Solo 4 is the perfect piece of AV furniture for most hi-fi and home theater systems. The graceful, flowing appearance of Solid Tech Radius AV furniture combines with exceptional functionality for a rack that delivers a peak experience with both audio and video components. The modular design of the Radius along with its ingenious simplicity offers extreme performance at a surprisingly affordable price.

Radius doesn't look anything like an ordinary support rack. That's because there is nothing ordinary about Radius. It looks like fine Scandinavian furniture, because that's exactly what the Swedish-designed component is. The combination of pristine, natural wood shelves with sweeping lines and extruded aluminum pillars makes a strong statement of style with an overall appearance of luxury.

The Radius Solo 4 is 34.6" tall, 26.75" wide, and 19.6" deep, with a maximum load of 130 lbs. per shelf. The bottom shelf gives you the generous amount of useable vertical space needed for housing large power amplifiers and other big pieces of gear.

Modular Design Lets You Add Shelves

In addition to its great looks, Radius delivers large in the performance department, too. Its modular design gives you lots of set-up options. You add or subtract shelves to fit your AV gear to a tee, so you never ended up with more or less space for equipment than you need. The open design helps keep your electronics running cooler and gives you easy access to wires, cables, and power cords for system changes and upgrades.

The large-diameter support pillars provide a rock-solid frame for your electronics. You can fill the pillars with sand or shot to increase the mass and add to the resonance control. The included large spike feet provide superior isolation from room vibration. And you can add Solid Tech IsoClear or Disc of Silence feet for extreme vibration control.

"In combination with some of the ingenious [Solid Tech] IsoClear footers, the Radius seems damn hard to beat at its price," reports a January 2006 review in the online audiophile journal

Spring-Mounted Top Shelf

Upgrade rack performance by adding Solid Tech's Disc of Silence support discs to your Radius. The top shelf of the Radius Solo 4 and 5 racks can "float" on Disc of Silence springs for effective vibration control. Furthermore, you can "float" your entire Solo or Duo rack on a set of spring-loaded Discs of Silence as an alternative to the adjustable spike feet that come with each rack.

A January 2006 review in compared the difference between using a Solid Tech Radius rack system with a Disc of Silence to using a competitor's solid cherry rack. "The difference was substantial - more ease to the music. Dynamics became more natural and individual instruments were easier to follow, as they no longer blended into the background."

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Price: $1,795.00
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