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Extreme Phono's Solid Stylus Cleaner
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Extreme Phono's Solid Stylus Cleaner

Analog Accessories by Extreme Phono

Manufacturer's Description:

Solid-State Stylus Cleaner is made of a high-tech polymer that seems like soft jello/gel-like solid, yet is is actually a very slow flowing, extremely high viscosity polymer, that is non-toxic, and non-polluting (but please don't eat it).  By having a much higher sheer strength than the adhesive force between dirt and stylus, the cleaner can pull the dirt away without detaching itself and will not stick to the stylus.  Pure chemistry and physics here. 


100% safe to the expensive cartridge:

Use only VTF to clean stylus, not hand or finger.  There is no stress to the suspension and cantilever.

No liquid, no solvent, no evaporation.  Why is liquid damaging ?  (1) Liquid weakens the adhesive between stylus and cantilever.  (2)  High-end cartridge with hollow cantilever will actually draw the liquid into the inside of the cartridge from capillary action.  (3) The evaporation eventually deposits a layer of grime on suspension elasto-meter and coil, eventually degrading the performance and accelerate the wear.  

None-stop music.   May not be critical for home listening, but for the active DJ during session, the cleaning action via VTF is so gentle, that the preamp can remain on.  Just 1 second to clean the stylus and back to music.  

No "dead-corner". When using brush, the "dead-corner", i.e., the corner gaps between cantilever and stylus can never be reached using a back-to-front stroke.  

Super easy .  When there is enough dirt trapped by the content, just need a toothpick to stir the content; bring up the clean portion from below.  Let the content settle in about less than a day.  Then it performs like new again.

Long Lasting.  No evaporation and very stable, as long as no solvent like alcohol ever get into the content.  Rated life is 5 years.

No Breakage, no spill.  But of course the most common problem with liquid cleaner is that every once in a while, you'll spill the whole bottle, or break the bottle.  $40 gone!

Sound :  There should be no sonic improvement in a stylus cleaner, but I did hear better detail and more texture, overall just 'cleaner' sounding.  My reference include all currently available liquid cleaner with a brush, with prices ranging from $19.95 to $49.95.  But I am not surprised, because the Solid State Stylus Cleaner is engineered to clean better.

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Price: $29.00
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