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Purist Audio Design's Single Point Power Conditioner
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Purist Audio Design's Single Point Power Conditioner

Power Conditioners by Purist Audio Design

Manufacturer's Description:

Purist Audio Design is proud to introduce the Single Point Power Conditioner.  This is an advanced multi-stage filter network designed to control and suppress EMI and RFI.

The Single Point Power Conditioner works best when it is dedicaed to a single device or piece of equipment.  This provides the maximum isolation for that particular device.  This allows the individual to only purchase what power conditioners they require.

* Effective to 1 GHz of isolation
* Isolates equipment from "noisy" power and other "noisy" sources
* Low resonance control
* Internal wiring uses the same custom conductors as Purist Audio Design's power cords
* Housed in a custom durable extruded case

The Single Point Isolation Conditioner also creates a lower floor that results in an enriched soundstage presentation and more detail!

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