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Silver Shadow AES/EBU
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Silver Shadow AES/EBU

Digital: AES/EBU by

We are not offering new Nordost products for purchase at this time, however as a service to our customers we continue to offer some Nordost cables for in-home audition through the Cable Library.

Manufacturer's Description:

Silver Shadow is the state of the art, high performance digital interconnect from Nordost offering higher resolution and more detail with lower losses than any other digital cable currently on the market. Designed for use between high quality CD transports and DACs, Silver Shadow significantly reduces jitter and timing errors.

Silver Shadow utilizes our proprietary Micro Mono-Filament technology, reducing insulation contact by at least 80%, consequently lowering the dielectric constant to an unbelievably low 1.38 (The perfect dielectric - Air = 1). This means that the cable can transmit signals at incredibly fast speeds with virtually no influence on the music.
The combination of this high speed signal propagation and low capacitance and resistance makes Silver Shadow the only choice for uncompromised audio quality, especially with the new generation of digital amplifiers.

Silver Shadow is available in two versions: a dedicated 75 ohm coaxial (RCA/BNC) or a dedicated dual coaxial 110 ohm AES/EBU (XLR).

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