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Acoustic Zen's Silver Bytes Digital
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Acoustic Zen's Silver Bytes Digital

Digital: SPDIF by Acoustic Zen

Manufacturer's Description:

The Silver Bytes Digital cable is a true 75-ohm impedance coaxial design, consisting of 20AWG multiple stranded Zero Crystal Silver and insulated with Air-injected PE foam. Both 100% copper foil and braid shielding prevent interferences of the complex harmonic digital waveform from EM and RF sources. This state-of-the-art design of the Silver Bytes keeps an extremely constant 75-ohm characteristic impedance at any given lengh.. The Silver Bytes reproduces a true to life soundstage with superior top-end extension and a harmonically rich presentation throughout the entire mid-band. Bass is deep, powerful and dynamic, all while allowing the listener to get a good feel for the amount of air and space that you previously have not experienced. Silver Bytes Digital cable is available in either AZT Zero Crystal RCA or BNC connector.

Pricing Information

Source End [Upstream]
Load End [Downstream]
Price: $253.00
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