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Magnan Audio Cables's Silver Bronze RCA (Pair)
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Magnan Audio Cables's Silver Bronze RCA (Pair)

Interconnects by Magnan Audio Cables

Manufacturer's Description:
* Maximum length is 6 ft.

This at last addresses the need for an interconnect cable much better than the Type Vi at only a moderately higher price. Sonic performance is intermediate between the Type Vi and Signature. The Silver Bronze utilizes newly available ultra high time resolution metallic conductors for both signal and ground return. This cable pushes affordable metal conductor technology to a new ultimate.

Skin effect time smear reduced to 1/6000 of 20 gage copper wire
Conductor: New micro-thin silver and bronze ribbons
Dielectric: Newly constructed TFE Teflon/air
Ground Return: Silver metallized fabric conductor
Diameter: Approximately 3/8” RCA and 1/2” (XLR)
Maximum length: 6 ft
Termination: Neutrix RCA and XLR

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