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Chord Company's Signature  Digital
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Chord Company's Signature Digital

Digital: SPDIF by Chord Company

Manufacturer's Description:

The Signature Digital Tuned ARAY replaces our Indigo Plus Digital cable.  Tuned ARAY technology turns what was already a very highly regarded digital cable into something very special indeed.

Like other cables using Tuned ARAY technology, the Signature Digital Tuned ARAY brings a sense of coherence and performance to the system it’s used in, or rather the music played through it.

Tuned ARAY technology is remarkable, but like any other Chord cables the choice of materials is critical.  Signature Digital Tuned ARAY uses single crystal copper conductors, each one protected with an extremely effective composite shielding system.  Chord ultra low mass silver-plated RCA plugs are fitted (military grade silver-plated BNC plugs are also available) along with Chord precision-machined acrylic plug shrouds. 

Pricing Information

Source End [Upstream]
Load End [Downstream]
Price: $675.00
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