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Chord Company's Signature Plus (Pair)
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Chord Company's Signature Plus (Pair)

Interconnects by Chord Company

Manufacturer's Description:

The most striking feature of the Chord Signature Plus is the unique vibration damping, precision machined acrylic plug surrounds.  These were first used on the Chord Indigo cable.  That something seemingly simple as a plug surround can have such a profound effect on the overall performance of the cable it is fitted to is genuinely surprising.  By damping vibration and resonance the acrylic plug surround increases the perceived noise floor of the system it is fitted to.  The Signature Plus is built using the same conductors and shielding system as the Chord Signet.  Simply fitting the acrylic plug surrounds improves performance in all areas but there is another change that is just as important.  The Signature Plus (like the Indigo Plus) employs a third length of silver-plated, Teflon™ insulated wire.  This is used to form a secondary signal return path.

The secondary return path fitted to the Signature Plus brings very obvious and striking improvements to timing, dynamics and sound stage. Rhythms become far more obvious and easy to understand, as do the subtle timbral differences that define the different tonal signatures of acoustic guitars. Voices are far more believable and realistic. Most of the improvements listed above are concerned with the involvement and enjoyment of music. The secondary return path and the acrylic plugs also contribute to the high fidelity aspect of a system. Sound stage, instrument separation and depth of image all take a big step forward.

The wiring configuration of the Signature Plus is closely based on the configuration originally used on the Chord Signature RCA.  This gives owners of the original Chord Signature an opportunity to upgrade their existing cable.

Signature can be returned to the Chord factory and be upgraded to Signature Plus specification.  This involves new plugs, new contact pins, the addition of the secondary return path and of course the vibration damping acrylic plug surrounds. Rather than having to purchase a whole new cable you can simply upgrade your existing one. The cost, combined with the performance improvements, makes upgrading a Signature or Signet to Signature Plus a genuine bargain.

Use it with:
The original Signature RCA was the first interconnect in the Chord range to use their tri-layer combination shielding system now used on so many of our high performance cables. Signature Plus builds dramatically on the performance of the Signature RCA.  The sheer amount of dynamic information and detail that the cable can carry can be heard at its best when used with one of our shielded speaker cables. Whilst Signature speaker cable is the obvious choice, Epic Twin or Super Twin can also be used.  The combination of speaker cable and interconnect both employing high frequency effective shields will produce an extraordinary level of performance across an extremely wide frequency range.

If you have not yet done so, it really is important to try the Power Chord mains cable. We would regard the Power Chord as critical to obtaining the best performance from a system fitted with a Signature loom.

The Signature Plus is available fitted with low mass, non compression, silver-plated RCA plugs and vibration damping acrylic plug surrounds.  The construction of the Signature Plus means that we are unable to offer this cable with other terminations.

The configuration of the Signature Plus has been optimised to perform at its best when fitted with RCA connectors.  The cable will not perform to its best when fitted with XLR balanced connectors.  It is however possible to use the Signature Plus to connect a XLR balanced output or input to a RCA input or output.  This does not compromise the Signature Plus’ performance and the cable can be ordered in either XLR balanced to RCA or RCA to XLR balanced configuration

The Signature Plus is available in 1 metre lengths.  For reasons of sound quality we do not recommend lengths shorter than 1 metre.  Custom lengths are available to order.


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