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Chord Company's Signature (Pair)
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Chord Company's Signature (Pair)

Speaker Cables by Chord Company

Manufacturer's Description:

Fitting Chord Signature speaker cable to your system will come as quite a shock. You will find it hard to believe just how much noise your previous speaker cable was allowing to get in the way of the sound. You will be able to hear very fine and delicate detail that will sound unforced and natural. There will be more space around individual voices and instruments.

No matter how complex the music, you will be able to pick out individual instruments. Tonnally, the cable is neutral and will portray the very subtle dynamic changes that are so vital to music reproduction. No matter what your system, the innovative design of Chord Signature speaker cable will transform the sound and really bring your music or soundtracks to life.

The Signature features high purity heavy gauge copper conductors, foam polyethylene insulation, unique dual ultra high performance shielding system, non-ferrous non-compression clamping system, and factory-terminated with high quality gold 4 mm banana plugs. Signature cables are extremely well shielded, in fact a new triple shielding design yields effective screening even up to microwave frequencies!

Like all Chord cables the new signature performs well above its price point and still offers tremendous value.

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