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Magnan Audio Cables's Signature Digital
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Magnan Audio Cables's Signature Digital

Digital Cables by Magnan Audio Cables

Manufacturer's Description:

Further research into digital signal transmission has resulted in an extraordinary new design that goes far beyond the already wonderful sonic performance of the original Magnan Digital Cable. It was discovered that with the serial digital interface, increases in conductor time resolution (i.e. lower skin effect) continue to improve the sound without any apparent limits.

Even more surprisingly, a threshold of time resolution was discovered beyond which the cable virtually transformed itself sonically. This amazing effect was concluded to be related but a different phenomenon than the reduction of timing jitter mainly responsible for the previous improvements. Reduction in electron group velocity distribution and quantum mechanical effects are presently considered the leading candidates.

These observations have been refined into a new ultimate performance digital cable pushing those effects as far as is practical in a digital cable with realizable construction. This design also incorporates and extends the multiple ground return and other special techniques utilized in the original Magnan Digital Cable.

We could not write a better detailed description of the effect of the Magnan Signature Digital on the sound of a system than the following quote from our Italian distributor, Dr. Antonio Cinti:

“The new Signature digital cable is capable of the most detailed, clear, startlingly realistic sound I have heard from any digital cable. The micro-dynamics and low-level resolution are unparalleled in my experience. Macro dynamics are extremely good as well. Coherency, pinpoint imaging and focus in a huge deep soundstage. The cable that you have assembled is able to create amazingly solid, focused images with such coherence and palpability that destroys other digital cables I have heard in this regard”.

The length of 5-1/2 feet was established for sonic reasons. At present, only RCA format is available.

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