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MIT - Music Interface Technologies's Shotgun S2 (Pair)
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MIT - Music Interface Technologies's Shotgun S2 (Pair)

Speaker Cables by MIT - Music Interface Technologies

Manufacturer's Description:

Getting the impact - with finesse

* True to it's heritage, the Shotgun 2 continues in the wave of its lineage by delivering unbelievable impact and immediacy, while retaining the finesse needed to improve thge nuances of the original recording venue.
* Beautiful to look at, all the black construction blends into any system.
* While presenting a dark background, the S2 delivers a deep and dimensional image contrasted by the sheer absence of noise.
* With a lowest octave "knee point" of 52Hz, images lock into place and air surrounds each, providing the listener with the sense that there is nothing between them and the music.
* Compare the S2 and see how to get impact - with finese. (Uses MIT patented iconn connectors)

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