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MIT - Music Interface Technologies's Shotgun S2 (Pair)
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MIT - Music Interface Technologies's Shotgun S2 (Pair)

Interconnects by MIT - Music Interface Technologies

Manufacturer's Description:

* Fans of the previous (input specific) Shotgun interconnect will recognize similiarities in this interconnect as a top performer.
* Based on the earlier version, the S2i builds upon it by adding the sonic benefits of the selectable impedence networks.
* Available in single ended or balanced configurations, the S2i is the perfect mate for the Shotgun S2 speaker cable.
* With complimentary articulation plots, the S2 combination leaves little to the imagination by delivering all of the immediacy and impact of a live performance, while maintaining the finesse required for long listening sessions.
* Black in color with chrome accents.

Note: Switchable Impedance feature not available for lengths greater than 3 meters. Please specify impedance when placing order for lengths greater than 3 meters. Consult component manual for input impedance value.

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