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MIT - Music Interface Technologies's Shotgun S1 Phono
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MIT - Music Interface Technologies's Shotgun S1 Phono

Tonearm Cables by MIT - Music Interface Technologies

Manufacturer's Description:

Note: Switchable Impedance feature not available for lengths greater than 3 meters.  Please specify impedance when placing orders for lengths greater than 3 meters.  Consult component manual for input impedance value.

 * MIT's phono cables are specifically designed for the unique problems that cartridges and phono preamps present.
 * Cartridges generate extremely low output levels, with "high" output cartidges putting 1/1000th the signal level of a typical CD player or any other line level source.
 * Noise picked up by the cable can easily distort that signal.
 * Additionally, the terminating impedences of most phono preamps are very different from typical line levels.
 * This will alter the articulation of the cable if not designed with that in mind.
 * To solve both problems, MIT uses a unique double-shielded design for noise free playback, and unique networks with selectable impedence settings (100ohm, 1KOhms and 47KOhms) in order to get the most from your records.
 * The new Shotgun S1Phono shares the unique articulation networks currently used in our (high performance) Shotgun S1 interconnects.
 * MIT reconfigures these networks to allow you to tune your interfaces to align with inout settings of 47k Ohms, 1000 Ohms or 100 Ohms.
 * This feature is for the ideal matching of phono cartridges to phon pre-amplifier input impedences.
 * This new model boasts of improved dimensionality with a broader soundstage as compared to conventional cable designs.
 * A new shielded design provides superb noise rejection for enhanced low level resolution.
 * A must for any audiophile who really wants to enjoy vinyl recordings today.

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