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MIT - Music Interface Technologies's Shotgun S1 (Pair)
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MIT - Music Interface Technologies's Shotgun S1 (Pair)

Speaker Cables by MIT - Music Interface Technologies

Manufacturer's Description:

Having a blast with Magnum Technology
* The Shotgun S1 tops all the new Shotgun 1-2-3 lineup, owing much of its performance gains to the venerable 750 Magnum (just retired).
* This fresh new look at an old friend, includes a dapper all black appearance and many of the sensational Magnum characteristics, at a fraction of the cost.
* At 50% articulation, (ideal) the S1 boasts a lowest octave "knee point" of 40Hz! S1 has an articulation curve similiar to the new Magnum 3, and the benefits are easiliy recognized across the entire audio spectrum.
* A deeper soundstage complimented by authoritative bass and crystal clear mids and highs are just the beginnning.
* For Magnum impact, the Shotgun S1 - it's a blast! (Uses MIT patented iconn connectors)

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