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Stealth Audio's Sextet  V14 AES/EBU
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Stealth Audio's Sextet V14 AES/EBU

Digital: AES/EBU by Stealth Audio

Manufacturer's Description:

Varidig Sextet V14 is the new for 2014 revision of the "original" Varidig Sextet.

The Sextet V14 features a new, completely redesigned all solid silver/Teflon STEALTH RCA connector  - optimized for DIGITAL signal transmission - which is quite different from analog

Another new (optional) feature in the Varidig Sextet V14 is the tuning collar - shown below. Moving the tuning collar long the cable allows to fine-tune the sound. The initial position of the collar is approximately 6 to 7 inches from the transport (the transmitting end of the cable). The optimal position of the tuning collar is system-dependant. it is recommended to fine-tune the Varidig Sextet V14T after it is broken-in (i.e. approximately two weeks after its installation in a system) - moving the tuning collar along the cable for find the best clarity and naturalness of the sound. Our tests show that on a high-resolution system with high quality digital units moving the tuning collar along the Varidig Sextet V14T creates clearly audible changes in sound, and with careful tuning the sound quality with the Sextet V14T surpasses the original Sextet by a considerable margin.

The "official" name for the Varidig Sextet V14 with the tuning collar option is "V14T"


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Source End [Upstream]
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Price: $3,600.00
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