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Cardas Audio's Sennheiser and AKG Headphone Cables
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Cardas Audio's Sennheiser and AKG Headphone Cables

Headphone & Accessories by Cardas Audio

Manufacturer's Description:

Cardas Headphone cable was developed specifically for Sennheiser HD-800, HD-650, HD-600 and HD-580 headphones, with another version available for the AKG K702 headphones. The 4 conductor design means there is no splice where the cable divides for the earphones, as with other replacement cords.  These molded connectors are designed to fit snugly and accurately into the Sennheiser ear pieces.

The Cardas stereo phono plug is non-magnetic, eutectic Brass, with Rhodium plating over Silver plate. It has a Brass cover, which is Gold plated. The Cardas phono plug reduces crosstalk at its connection.

Available with 1/4" or 1/8" Stereo Phono Plug

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