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Townshend Audio's Seismic Platform Model 2 (19x14")
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Townshend Audio's Seismic Platform Model 2 (19x14")

Racks and Stands by Townshend Audio

Manufacturer's Description:

Seismic Vibration Isolation Platform

*Ultra thin platform disappears under equipment
*Enhances clarity across the frequency range
*Delivers wider and deeper soundstages
*Improves bass definition
*Reduced muddiness and smear
*Makes transients clearer

Especially designed to isolate individual components such as CD players, turntables, DACs, preamplifiers, power amplifiers and streamers from vibration. 

The Seismic Isolation Platform includes a durable slim steel top plate that integrates unobtrusively under any hi-fi component. The acoustically dead constrained-layer damped plate combined with a Seismic Load Cell™ attached to each corner is the ultimate combination to absorb and isolate unwanted vibration, including structural, air-borne and that generated by the hi-fi equipment. 

The Platform can be levelled by turning the adjustable Seismic Load Cell™.
For asymmetric components such as a valve (tube) amplifier with the transformers at the rear, different load capability Seismic Load Cells™ can be used to balance the load. Platform working height is approximately 40mm (1.5”) 

The Seismic Isolation Platform is available in three standard sizes:

Size 1 43x30cm (17×12”)
Size 2 48x35cm (19×14”)
Size 3 52x40cm (20.5×16”) 

It is important to specify the weight of your equipment when ordering. Bespoke platforms are available for any size or weight of audio equipment.


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Price: $925.00
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