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Symposium Acoustics's Segue
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Symposium Acoustics's Segue

Racks and Stands by Symposium Acoustics

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The Segue

The "Segue" (pronounced "seg-way") series of platforms from Symposium are "entry level" platforms based upon classic Symposium stepped-density constrained layer technology first employed in the popular Super, Shelf, Super Plus and Ultra Platforms, and mark a return to an affordable "basic" platform with direct family ties to the original "Shelf Platform" first introduced in 1994.

The Segue features a clear anodized aluminum top layer with several specially selected laminated composite layers, isolated by a central closed-cell foam "heatsink" which is edgebanded with textured black vinyl. The basic Segue provides improved dynamics, bass definition, and lowered distortion across the audio spectrum at a very affordable price. Far superior to ordinary "butcher block" or maple wood platforms, the Segue can be used with a wide variety of components, and is also suitable for use under loudspeakers.


Segue: thickness, 1.6"

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