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Segment X
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Segment X

Racks and Stands by

We have recently experienced lengthy delays in deliveries from Finite Elemente. Please contact us to discuss the timing of your purchase, your system, and best resonance control options.

Manufacturer's Description:

* Call for pricing and options.

The shape of lightness
Curves and straights, connected by a cone, are the exciting basic elements of Segment X, delicately combined to form a functional entity with a light architecture to suit any domestic environment. High-class materials combined innovatively in design and structure guarantee free space for all your emotions.

Plug ‘n’ Play – doing technology the easy way
Curved side panels, filigree equipment shelves, conical tensioning bolts, stabilizing back panel - to form a shelving system that is simply convincing. The innovative tensioning system uses basic elements of mechanics for its stability, and the resonance-optimized materials make it sound good.

HPL Solid = High-Tech
HPL Solid shelves in high-pressure laminate, made from several paper layers, saturated with curable synthetic resins and high-pressure laminated at high temperatures, guarantee high stability.

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