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PranaWire's Samadhi
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PranaWire's Samadhi

Power Cables by PranaWire

Manufacturer's Description:

"Samadhi: The return of the mind into original silence

There are two offerings in this series:

The Samadhi - Multiple Solid Core 4 nines Pure Silver 13 Gauge   

The Maha Samadhi - Multiple Solid Core 4 nines Pure Silver 13 Gauge

The Samadhi and Maha Samadhi Cables start with a custom treated pure silver 13 gauge conductor suspended in a matrix that is mostly air. This assembly is then wrapped in the same fashion as our Nataraja and Cosmos interconnects: There are 13 layers of insulating materials including 2 copper foil shields each with a 51 wire drain wire. The net result is an exceedingly quiet and dynamic cable that captures the finest nuances, has tremendous frequency extension both top and bottom and is exceedingly dynamic. The Samadhi and Maha Samadhi differ in that the Maha Samadhi uses custom treated, top of the line Oyaide M1 and F1 connectors and its conductor is subject to a more thorough and rigorous treatment prior to assembly.  The Samadhi uses Oyaide Premium P and C-004 connectors.

Pricing Information

Wall Plug
Component IEC
Price: $3,950.00
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