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SQ-N10 Integrated Tube Amplifier & D-100r iPod Dock
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SQ-N10 Integrated Tube Amplifier & D-100r iPod Dock

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Manufacturer's Description:

The NeoClassico design harks back to Luxman’s long tradition of producing superbly musical vacuum tube amplifiers. Connect your iPod and/or your record player. The SQ-N100 is remarkably compact and can easily be used in an office, den, bedroom… Remote Control included.

In 1961 Lux produced the SQ-5A, one of the earliest stereo integrated amplifiers, the SQ-5A proved a hit because of its unique design incorporating a metre and also because of the high-quality sound it delivers. It featured the Lux's unique tone control circuit, still found in current models.

When Luxman set out to design their compact EL-84 based vacuum tube integrated amplifier, they painstakingly researched every detail and individual component until each stage of the amplifier and preamplifier was created without compromise. With each design consideration came extensive listening sessions to be certain that the end result was one of the most musically satisfying integrated amps on the market. Only then did they feel that the SQ-N100 was ready to carry forward Luxman's tradition of building audio products that marry function and form in a beautiful package.

The amplifier section uses two Russian EL84 vacuum tubes per channel, these small power pentode tubes are remarkably fast & lively and yet sound clear & articulate. The EL84 output pentode was classically used in the Mullard 10W Class A high quality audio amplifiers of the 1950s and 1960s. A Grill is provided to stop small children from burning their fingers. The amplifier will run cooler without it however and the output tubes will last longer.

Tone Controls

The tone controls might seem like an anachronism in this day and age of minimalism, but they can be remarkably effective in bring to life a less than perfect music collection. We all have music gems in our collection that are sonicly challenging. A lot of the 1980's CDs are quite harsh sounding and the digital glare can be quite fatiguing. Reduce the treble slightly and it will now be perfectly listenable. Sit back relax, enjoy the music & forgot about the HiFi. When you want to bypass the tone controls, just engage the Line Straight switch.

 Phono & Headphone Amplifiers

Enjoy the ability to play or record your LP collection with the built-in phono stage which accommodates Moving Magnet cartridges. If you would like to use a Moving Coil cartridge, you might consider using the MT-88 step up transformer. There is also a high quality headphone amplifier, accessible from the front panel.

Automatic Bias

With automatic bias on the output tubes, there is nothing to do just install the EL84 tubes and the amplifer will take care of the rest. It truly is fit & forget.


  • Rated Output: 12W + 12W /6Ω,
  • Inputs: 3 line and one 1 MM phono
  • Input Sensitivity/ Impedance:  150mV / 47KΩ line, 2.2mV / 47KΩ phono
  • Output Impedance: 1V / 210Ω, maximum 4.5V RCA
  • Harmonic Distortion: 0.009% (1KHz) Balanced
  • Frequency Response: 20 – 50KHz (+0, -3 dB)
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio:    >90dB (1KHz {IHF-A})
  • Vacuum Tube Compliment:   ECC83 × 1, ECC82 × 2 and EL84 × 4
  • Power Consumption: 95W (rated power) 71W (idle)
  • Dimensions: 11.7 (W) x 4 (H) x 10.2” (D)
  • Weight:  25 lbs. net 

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