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Cardas Audio's SE 11 (Pair)
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Cardas Audio's SE 11 (Pair)

Speaker Cables by Cardas Audio

Manufacturer's Description:

SE cables are optimized for single ended amplifiers and high efficiency loud speakers. They are Golden Ratio, concentric, asymmetrical, coaxial cables. The smallest gauge size the speaker will permit should be used. SE cables do not have a high "Q" like conventional cables, because efficient speakers do not demand it. They have dramatically low energy storage for their size, which makes them ideally suited for horns and other highly efficient speakers.

Outside Diameter:    .200
Dielectric Type:    Teflon®
Q Factor:    8 @10K
Inductance:    .049 uh/ft/loop
Capacitance:    220 pf/ft
Discrete Conductors:    133
Cable AWG:    11.5
Conductor Type:    Golden Ratio, Constant Q, Crossfield, Pure Copper Litz

No extra charge for any Spade, except 9 mm. No extra charge for Economy Banana Plugs and Maggy Pins.

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