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Audio Replas's SCB-2SZ
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Audio Replas's SCB-2SZ

AC Duplex Outlets and Accessories by Audio Replas

Manufacturer's Description:

Although the barrier property of aluminum is very good in respect of the high frequency characteristic, the circumference of a power supply involves a wide range of noise, so we pursued an ideal barrier property in a range lower than aluminum.  The special copper alloy we chose has excellent vibration characteristics which are also good enough to serve as an insulator.  The wall socket base realized a high S/N ratio as well as vivid sound image with extended range and depth full of reality.  We recommend using the socket base in combination with our CPP series wall socket power plate further to improve the sound quality.


* Material- special copper alloy
* Forming- machined
* Specification- Ultra SZ physical processing
* Size- 100mmx150mmx15mm (W/H/D)
* Weight- 1.8kg
*Accessory- cryogenic stainless steel fixing screw

Pricing Information

Price: $750.00
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