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Room Dampening Panels (Pair)
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Room Dampening Panels (Pair)

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The Cathedral Sound Room Dampening Panels are a small, decor-friendly, and uniquely powerful tool for reducing room acoustic problems, especially those associated with bass standing waves.

Usually mounted in the upper corners, which will tend to "horn lead" with acoustic pressure where two walls meet the ceiling, these panels help to equalize frequency response in the room.

By ameliorating standing waves, which can cause boomy bass in some areas in the listening room and anemic bass response in other locations allowing the midrange and higher frequencies to also "breathe" more easily. Not only is bass more tuneful with greater impact, the midrange (and dialog) is more articulate and dynamic, and soundstage size and layering is significantly improved.

Room acoustic control applications include high performance home audio and home theater sound reproduction, as well as performance and recording venues. The panels are uniquely well-suited for use in residential home theaters due to their relatively small size combined with powerful impact on both bass response and the frequencies encompassing dialog.

These panels measure only 11" x 16" x 2" (28 x 41 x 5 cm), and weigh only 4 lbs. each, but are actually more effective than the 4-6 feet (1.2 -1.8m) tall panels otherwise necessary to affect frequencies under 200 Hz. In addition our panels accomplish their room equalization objectives without the high frequency roll-off that accompanies the use of fiber or foam filled panels.

The Cathedral Sound Room Dampening Panels represent the most powerful approach to addressing problems associated with standing waves that we have found. The acoustic treatment products that we have distributed in the past under the RoomTune and RoomLens brands were not very effective at controlling frequencies under 200 Hz, while products from other manufacturers which are designed to deal with these frequencies are all very large, and as a result both expensive and difficult to place in a room. These new panels easily wall mount and are actually more effective than the 4-6 ft. (1.2-1.8m) tall panels otherwise necessary to affect these frequencies. Selling at less than $90 per panel they are an easy to live with and affordable solution for audio and video-philes with boomy bass and a resulting loss of midrange and dialog intelligibility. Application to recording and performance space is also recommended.

Technical: The Cathedral Sound Room Dampening Panels are simple materials to adapt to room acoustic control the long identified principles of air flow and the relationship to pressure changes known as the "Venturi effect." The Venturi effect demonstrates that air flowing through a constriction must speed up due to the restriction, thereby reducing its pressure. In our product application of this principle of physics reduces acoustic pressure in the upper corners of the room where the large flat surfaces, the walls and ceiling, meet and multiply the pressure they are collection in a "horn loading" manner.

The method of constriction within these Panels is engineered to have a primary effect on mid-bass and deep bass response below 200 Hz, where room nodes are principally excited. In addition, at these frequencies, the "room-boom" will not only color the human voice, but also interferes with broader band articulation due to room resonance "hang-over."

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