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Reimyo Vacuum Tube Control Amplifier
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Reimyo Vacuum Tube Control Amplifier

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Manufacturer's Description:

 Finally, after all the waiting, we offer you a new Realm in Sound with a totally new kind of control amplifier. Until now, control amplifiers have ably done their job of filtering the important essence of music–but that's all they have done. For true music lovers, the result has been a buildup of stress, irritation and frustration. Now, the CAT-777 unleashes you from that long journey of annoyance.
  As one serious audiophile who has experienced listening to the CAT-777 put it: "The Reimyo CAT-777 features outstanding detail while the sound is very smooth even into the high frequencies. Its sound is eminently musical, providing remarkable ambience in addition. The elegant and true-to-life sound is enrapturing, and with full bass effect in the lowest ranges, the system is truly dynamic." What more could one ask for?
  The CAT-777 is a totally rare vacuum tube control amplifier of the kind you have long dreamt about–a control amplifier offering you a new Realm in Sound.  Just listen, and hear for yourself.

 Like all Reimyo electronic systems, the CAT-777 features totally discrete construction. More than 90% of its components, including transformers, RCA terminals, capacitors and internal wires, are designed and/or manufactured by COMBAK, a company renowned worldwide for its Harmonix resonance control technology. This meticulous dedication provides the CAT-777 with supreme accuracy and an unprecedented level of performance.

Type: Vacuum Tube Control Amplifier
Circuitry: NON-NFB. Complete Discrete Construction.
     Output: 12AU7 x 2   12BH7A x 2
     Rectify: 6x4WA x 2
Channel: 2-Channel Stereo (Discrete L-Channel/R-Channel)
Input Terminals: 4-Input, RCA Terminal (Phono/CD/Tuner/Line)
     (* Phono terminal is Flat same as other three. No RIAA circuit built-in)
Output Terminals: 3 RCA Terminals
Input Level Control: Individual L/R volume Control
Main Level Control: L/R volume Control
Power Indicator: Switch On to Red (Muting) gradually change to Green to Ready (Time interval 40-Sec)
Gain: 17dB (Volume Max)
Fix Input Level:
     Input: 0.2Vrms
     Output: 0.5Vrms (Main Volume Max)
Frequency Response: 5Hz - 100kHz
Noise Level: -84dBm/48.9uVrms (IHF-A)
Cross talk:
     Better than 100dB (1 kHz)
     Better than 90dB (20 kHz)
Body Construction: All High Quality Aluminum (Front Chassis: 10mm/ Body Chassis: 5mm)
Power Consumption: 45W
Power Requirements: AC 117V or 220-230V, 50/60Hz
Whole Unit Size: 430(W) x 139.5(H) x 411(D) mm (Include feet, screw)
Weight: 14.0kgs
Accessory: Not included (AC Power Cord not included)
     We suggest Harmonix X-DC Studio Master Power Cord.

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