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Reference XV- Ultra Digital
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Reference XV- Ultra Digital

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XV Ultra: 75 Ohm Digital Cable
The legend continues!    (and advances to our REFERENCE category ... )

The essential cable form has not been changed: It's the most electrically precise 75 Ohm cable we know of.

From its Mil-Spec silver-plated copper solid core conductor, to the precision applied low-density cold-process air articulated Teflon™ tapes, to the metal foil + woven shields - the core of this cable emulates the exacting electrical environment of "semi-rigid" microwave cables without introducing the practical problems (and short work-life).

In this new iteration we've introduced long-cycle crygenic treatment, not only to the raw cable itself, but also to all the connectors and adapters. This has the effect of altering the temper of the crystal lattice matrices in all of the metals used to create the cable. Cryogenic treatment has become one of the most well-regarded treatments for cables as well as other audio parts and devices over the last decade or so.

Lastly, we've incorporated an RF absorbing layer of pure woven carbon fiber, and an overall jacket that expresses minimal dielectric effect.

The result is a peerless and pure 75-Ohm Giant Killer that will kick your digital side up yet another notch!

75 Ohm BNCs mated with proprietary BNC:RCA Adapters

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