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Reference Two (Pair)
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Reference Two (Pair)

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Manufacturer's Description:

After many years of research Fadel Art has introduced the absolutely unique "Silence Technology" in the field of high end audio cables.  But now and for the second time, after the introduction of the Reference One series in August 1998, Fadel Art has paid high attention to the so called "Barkhausen phenomenon" in respect of the audio field.  The phenomenon is indeed very important for sound program transmission and has a significant influence to the musical performance of any signal transmitting cable.  

If a music signal is passing an electrical conductor an electro-magnetic field is created, resulting in two kinds of movements.  First a mechanical movement of the whole conductor will happen, but second also a molecular movement inside the conductor will take place.  Concerning the mechanical vibration of the whole conductor, many cable manufacturers take this into consideration in designing high quality audio cables, but no one has done so far something against the molecualr movement inside the conductor.  This new and unique "Silence Technlology" from Fadel Art is the firsst approach in the audio field to cancel the noise created by the internal movement of silve or copper molecules.

For our well-known “Reference One’’ cable series we used, in order to realize the “Silence Technology”, two kinds of cables from our product line, but with a completely different topology, which are combined in a very special manner. The brand-new “Reference Two’’ cable series refers to this construction, because the corresponding sonic results are really amazing. But this time we designed an all new construction, which combines the above mentioned qualities in a unique cable, with the result of a complete elimination of any kind of mechanical movements.

Furthermore it was also our objective to create a cable series similar to our “Coherence’’ philosophy in order to have a topology which allows us to make from the same basic cable interconnect cables, digital cables, duo speaker cables and power cords which have the same signal-speed as well as a very homogeneous sonic stage.

By the unique “Silence Technology” from fadel Art the entire internal noise in the cable is eliminated in a passive way, by which as a result absolutely no limitation of dynamics and absolutely no decrease of the signal-speed will take place. Furthermore for our ‘’Silence Technology” based cables the attenuation rate is the lowest we have ever measured in our laboratory.

The sonic results of our “Silence Technology” based cables and especially of our brand-new “Reference Two” series are nearly unbelievable. For the first time you will listen to the music with an absolute silence and you will have the impression that really no electronic equipment and no speakers are existing between you and the music. These cables will perform really a remarkable contribution to a new way of music listening.

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