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Reference Suspense Rack
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Reference Suspense Rack

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Arcici is one of those high end audio companies that seem to fly under the radar.  Arcici is one of the pioneers in the use of air under pressure for isolation, and has been in the business of making high quality audio racks and platforms for more than 15 years. The Arcici Reference Suspense Rack  is one of the most evolved, carefully designed, and high performance racks available today.

The Arcici Reference Suspense Rack is a well made, good looking audio rack that fits into almost any decor.  The design of the rack is to suspend all of the shelves from 3 air bellows (bladders) which completely isolates your components in the vertical plane.  The rack can be configured with 4 or 5 shelves and every level is isolated by the design.  To provide isolation in the horizontal plane, each shelf is actually two thicknesses of acrylic material.  Nestled inside the 2 parts of the shelf are special hardened ceramic ball bearings.

A key feature of the Suspense Rack's design is that the acrylic shelves are  suspended via four threaded steel rods that extend up through the bottom of the "Air Head" and past the bellows to attach to the upper steel plate.  This clever design employs the combined mass of the top plate, the acrylic shelves, and all supported components to load the pneumatic suspension and lower its vertical resonant frequency to nearly the practical limit for this type of design: somewhere between 6Hz and 8Hz.  The large, practical sized 22"x22" shelves are fully user adjustable, individually leveled, and made of black acrylic material for a nice appearance.  The rack system itself is finished at the top and bottom with ebony wood, while the frame of the rack is a handsome powder coated black finish.

The attributable sonic impact of using a high quality, well designed isolation system like the Arcici Reference rack is on the same scale as a high level component upgrade, which can help to justify the cost of the rack. At $5500, the Reference rack is not a casual purchase these days, but an investment in your system that will pay sonic dividends for years to come.

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