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Reference Suspense Rack
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Reference Suspense Rack

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Manufacturer's Description:

Arcici, an acknowledged leader in reducing vibrations through air suspension, has just raised the standard. The new Reference Suspense Rack now isolates vibrations on a LATERAL as well as VERTICAL plane. For high-end aficionados, the improvements in musical purity and precise imaging are extraordinary.

Special Features:

* More elegant appearance. The new rack is finished in Ebony at the top and bottom, with all screws hidden from sight.

* The aluminum uprights are 50% thicker, giving the rack more substance.

* Each shelf is now DOUBLE black acrylic, seperated by special silver nitride ceramic ball bearings. This ensures lateral as well as vertical isolation.

* The shelves measure 22" by 22" to hold a wide range of components.

* Shelves are infinitely adjustable and can hold up to 600 pounds in total weight.

* Four steel rods support the shelves through a unique "flumb-line" suspension system.

* The bellows for the air suspension are extra heavy duty.

* The rack can be easily assembles and is shipped in five containers.

How it Works:

The top ebony section holds three heavy duty bellows which are inflated prior to installing your components through three Schrader valves.  A pump is provided for this purpose.  A 70 pound steel plate rests on three bellows and four threaded rods drop down from this plate.  Special spring-loaded speed nuts slide n to the rods at infinitely adjustable intervals.  The shelves are slotted to rest on the speed nuts.  This " plumb-line" suspense system helps prevent any tilting or imbalance after you install your components.  Up to five shelves ca be accommodated including the top of the rack, which is also air suspended. 


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