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VooDoo Cable's Reference Digital
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VooDoo Cable's Reference Digital

Digital: SPDIF by VooDoo Cable

Manufacturer's Description:

VooDoo Reference Digital Cable - RCA or BNC

If you are looking to upgrade your digital interconnect cable to get the most from your SACD, CD, DVD or DAC, the VooDoo Reference Digital Cable will significantly improve the sonic detail, rhythmic articulation and musical foundation of your digital source component. The VooDoo Reference Digital Cable is a true 75-ohm S/PDIF cable that provides dramatic reduction in phase related high-frequency signal anomalies with no jitter in the digital signal transfer. The foundation of the Reference Digital design and construction is based upon maintaining the lowest level of capacitance for maximum noise suppresion along the digital bit-stream. The Reference Digital will conduct every last bit of binary information for an ultra-smooth, involving sound that will add depth and width to the soundstage without affecting tonal coloration throughout the entire dynamic range.

The VooDoo Reference Digital is built with the cryogenically treated 99.999% pure silver Square-Bit conductor with 70% more conductor surface area for wider signal bandwidth. The signal path is isolated in a multi-channel Teflon® dielectric that is triple shielded by aluminized Mylar, copper foil and silver-plated copper wire braid for 100% protection from unwanted electromagnetic and microwave interference in the high-frequency bandwidth. The Reference Digital is terminated with cryogenically treated rhodium over silver-plated Cardas RCA connectors or Neutrik BNC connectors for word-clock applications. Low capacitance version available for Squeezebox, and other digital media players. For a recommendation for your specific component or system, please contact us by email.

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Price: $325.00
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