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Reference 8.5 V3 Stereo Amplifier
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Reference 8.5 V3 Stereo Amplifier

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Manufacturer's Description:

New V3 version available!

What is V3?*
V3 is a direct replacement of V2 amplifier board in all our amplifier
products. Every product will be switched over to V3. For example, IA-7V2 is
now IA-7V3.

How good is V3?*
Listening and measurement tests have shown that V3 is better than V2 in
every way. THD at 10KHz and above have reduced by order of magnitude,
bandwidth increased beyond 70Khz, noise floor lowered further than V2
(incredible SNR) etc.


The NuForce Reference Series stereo amplifiers are designed for both high-performance stereo and home-theater use. They can be used for bi-amping, tri-amping and home-theater mixing-and-matching when used with NuForce AVP (Audio-Video Processor) products. The Reference Series stereo amplifiers are standardized on a platform consisting of amplifier, power-supply and capacitor modules, any of which can be upgraded when new technology becomes available. Advancements in technology will never render NuForce stereo amps obsolete.

NuForce stereo amplifiers come with a three-year warranty.

The Stereo 8.5 V2 is the most powerful and compact stereo amplifier on the market, utilizing the same V2 circuit board as the mono amplifiers.  It is vailable in black or silver color.

The 12V DC Trigger Input allows Stereo 8.5 V2 to be turned on or off by other devices.


    *Configuration: Mono Input: RCA

    *Power output (see Power FAQ)
      Stereo 8.5 V2 Per Channel
      Power/Load     8 ohm     4 ohm     2 ohm
      Peak Power (20 msec hold time)     288W     576W     1125W
      RMS Power     160W     200W     200W
      *RMS power is the maximum continuous power. Peak power provide the required instantaneous power boost.

    *Power bandwidth: 100 to 20 kHz +/- 0.8 db 10 Hz -0.5 db 60 kHz -3 db
      THD+N = 0.03%, 1kHz, 10W
    *Input impedance: 45K ohm
    *Gain: 27 db
    *SNR = 100 db at 100W
    *12V DC Trigger Input
    *Eichmann Cable Pod binding post for spade and banana plug (the plastic cap at the end of the binding post can be removed for connecting a banana plug)
    *Chassis is made of high-grade anodized brushed aluminum to reduce audio resonance
    *Dimension: 8.5" x 14" x 1.8" (height does not include feet)
    *Worldwide AC voltage (84VAC to 264VAC). No need for AC regulator if the AC voltage falls within the specified range.
    *Weight: 9 lb

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