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Reference 0.5 (Pair)
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Reference 0.5 (Pair)

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Manufacturer's Description:

The German audio magazine "Stereoplay“ has published in issue 4/2002 a single test report about the Reference 0.5 interconnect cable from Fadel Art.

The reviewer pointed out that for some hi-fi enthusiasts the Fadel Art cables are in accord with a somewhat closs over tendency in sound reproduction. But now the very fine “Reference 0.5” interconnect cable is in a position to disprove this prejudice.

Furthermore the measuring results certifies the “Reference 0.5” as a very frequency-neutral interconnect cable with a very uniform characteristic impedance.

    Given below are some of the key remarks from the test report for the “Reference 0.5” cable:
... the “Reference 0.5” cable expands the orchestra very vividly and the fine-dynamics are really superb ...
... the bass response has a remarkable and full strength but is nevertheless very accurate ...
... the “Reference 0.5” interconnect cable plays back the music with rhythm and abundantly details ...
... The “Reference 0.5” took the hearts of the reviewers by storm with its straight music reproduction without missing anything of the timbre.

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