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Magnan Audio Cables's Reference (Pair)
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Magnan Audio Cables's Reference (Pair)

Speaker Cables by Magnan Audio Cables

Manufacturer's Description:

This new product addresses the need for a high time resolution speaker cable more compact than the Signature. The Magnan Reference speaker cable is basically a miniaturized version of the Signature speaker cable that achieves a sonic quality in the same class as the Signature relative to conventional cables.

The design uses the same very thin copper ribbon conductor but in a stacked insulated foil construction. Like the Signature speaker cable, the sound of the Reference is very highly resolved, musical and free of colorations.
Skin effect time smear reduced to 1/120 of typical conventional speaker cable.
Conductor: Very thin copper foil (.00075”), stacked ribbon configuration. One 1-1/4” wide ribbon cable per speaker (contains both polarities).

Termination: End 1-1/2” of each cable is narrowed down to two flexible leads with spade or banana connectors.

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