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Solid Tech's Rack of Silence Reference Model 3
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Solid Tech's Rack of Silence Reference Model 3

Racks and Stands by Solid Tech

Manufacturer's Description:

Is This the Best Audio Rack Ever?

Is the three-shelf Solid Tech Reference 3 Rack of Silence the best equipment rack ever? Its advanced technology and innovative design can give your gear a performance boost like it has never gotten before from any other rack.

The Solid Tech Rack of Silence was honored by being included in The Absolute Sound 2012 High-End Audio Buyer's Guide. According to the magazine, "The aptly named Rack of Silence helps damp equipment vibrations, thus fostering audibly quieter backgrounds and heightened resolution of detail… The system works exactly as advertised, making even the finest components sound better."

The Solid Tech Rack of Silence doesn't look like any component rack you've ever seen before. That's because there's never been a rack like this, whose extreme design offers the highest levels of isolation. Many racks claim to offer sonic benefits, but the Rack of Silence really delivers. Laboratory measurements prove that Solid Tech significantly reduces vibration that reaches support components.

"The Rack of Silence is a serious tool for the audiophile on the edge," observes Marshall Nack in issue 13 of Positive Feedback. "It brought improvements beyond what my other racks offered, improvements that I wouldn't want to be without."

"There's no question that the Rack of Silence ranks among the best audio racks I've ever heard," raves audiophile guru Wes Phillips in his May 2004 review for SoundStage! "There was greater contrast between foreground and field. Again, there was greater sense of detail. And that swing thing? More of that, too. What I wasn't prepared for was an increase in low-end solidity."

Three Types of Shelves

The Reference 3 Rack of Silence consists of three sand-fillable extruded aluminum pillars and three types of X-shaped beechwood crossbeam shelves: Basic Shelves, Super Shelves' and Suspension Shelves.

Basic Shelves support up to 85 lbs. and bolt directly to the support pillars. Super Shelves support up to 170 lbs. and bolt directly to the support pillars. Suspension Shelves support up to 85 lbs. and are suspended from the support pillars using adjustable spring holders. Suspension Shelves allow free movement in both horizontal and vertical planes for the ultimate in vibration control and isolation.

Stainless Steel Ball 'Feet'

To place your components on the Rack of Silence, simply position four of the included stainless steel balls on one of the X-shaped shelves. Then set your CD player, power amp, receiver, or other component on top of the balls, and enjoy the sonic benefits immediately. For even better performance, you can use Solid Tech's Feet of Silence or IsoClear feet.

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Price: $2,095.00
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