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Acoustic Revive's RUR-1 RCA Plug (Pair)
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Acoustic Revive's RUR-1 RCA Plug (Pair)

RCA by Acoustic Revive

Manufacturer's Description:

The Acoustic Revive solderless RCA plugs really are state of the art when it comes to precision engineering.The new Acoustic Revive RUR-1 RCA connector affixes the conductor by means of a small gold plated screw. The contact parts are made from phosphor bronze polished to a mirror finish in order to maximize contact. The surface of the RUR-1 is then plated with silver and rhodium. Finally it is Super Cryogenically treated for ultimate sound quality, conductivity and durability. The outer case has been machined from a solid billet of 2017S Duralumin for superb resonance control. With the exception that the main body is machined from solid brass rather than phosphor bronze, this same method of construction is used in our original RCA plugs, spade lugs and banana plugs. You will enjoy a huge sound stage, superb imaging, tight and fast response, and bass with no coloration and distortion, free from leakage of stray electric current. With our solid core interconnects, the sound quality is so real it’s as if the interconnect doesn’t exist!

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Price: $460.00
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