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Acoustic Revive's RST-38H Quartz Filled Platform
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Acoustic Revive's RST-38H Quartz Filled Platform

Racks and Stands by Acoustic Revive

Manufacturer's Description:

Achieved an ideal vibration control of the speakers

An ideal structure of a speaker platform is to stop the vibration generated by the speaker being conveyed to the floor and the reversed vibration back from the floor. Regardless of the material and structure used inside of the board, the vibrations are still conveyed on the surface of the board and this pollutes the reproduced sound from the speaker reducing the overall quality of the sound.

When using the RST-38H, with its top board floating on natural crystal particles, all of the vibrations from the speaker are absorbed by these particles, thus having a major impact on the sound.

The crystal particles absorb and eliminate the vibration by changing it into thermal energy.

Consequently, there is no vibration to the floor and it also avoids the reversed vibration to the speaker. The result is a much improved, clearer sound, giving a higher level of musical enjoyment.


?Dimension of Placement:W432*H20*D332mm

?Weight:5.9kg ?Bearing capacity:Max 100kg

Pricing Information

Price: $985.00
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