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Acoustic Revive's RSS-602 Speaker Stand
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Acoustic Revive's RSS-602 Speaker Stand

Racks and Stands by Acoustic Revive

Manufacturer's Description:

RSS-602 Height: 60cm

Principle & structure

Acoustically superior material must be chosen, because the sound of material goes on played back sound.

It doesn’t matter how much the speaker stand stops vibration, it can’t prevent material sound itself getting on to the sound produced from the speaker.

So if you use steel, the sound will become painful to an ear. Also if you use MDF or plywood, sound becomes cheap. This will spoil the original sound from the speaker.

We adopted 2017 Duralumin that is widely used in aircraft industry. 2017 Duralumin contains a lot of copper, so Duralumin itself has a comfortable pure sound which doesn’t spoil audio. Not only that, to optimize the sound, we fixed the brass onto Duralumin to removes both materials peculiar sound to get colorless transparent tone.

For filling material inside the pillar, we adopted special mixture of Teflon powder and polypropylene particle. This filling material quickly and smoothly converts vibration from the speaker into thermal energy. Some manufacture uses sand or lead grain as filling material. But this makes the sound dark and heavy.

Epoch-making structure that keeps directionality for vibration process
To reproduce pure sound, various ways are taken structurally

1. Brass is fixed on the back of 2017 Duralumin. This stops the resonance of top board itself and increases density of audio.
2. Steel is used for pillar material. Steel is more hard material compared with Duralumin. Vibration has a characteristic of moving from soft material to hard material.
3. Special mixture of Teflon and polypropylene is used as filling material. Vibration from speaker and top board reaches the pillar and converts into thermal energy by this special mixture filler material.
4. Any other vibration that reaches the bottom board is absorbed by pure aluminum. Pure aluminum is a very soft material, which is superior in declining vibration.
5. Any vibration that couldn’t be absorbed by bottom board will be treated with spikes. Combination of stainless steel spike and brass spike plate eliminates vibration.

1.Chosen material without compromising cost
At first, the 2017 Duralumin that adopted for the top cost 20 times more than other manufactures general steel materials. In addition, as for the thickness and area, thickness for RSS01 series is 3 times, 02 series is 4 times and 04 series is 5 times and more. For area 01 series is 200 x 240mm, 02 and 04 series is 200 x 260mm. In average the area of the top board is 1.5 times more than other manufactures stand. So including these elements, the cost for the top board reaches 90 to 150 times more than other stands. Also the bottom plate is made from thick pure aluminum, which is superior fro absorbing vibration. By the same specific gravity calculation, the cost of this material is 5 times more than steel plate, which is used on other stands. We carefully selected the material without compromise for cost in search of better sound quality.

2.Combination of metals are fixed together to stop the stop plate from making a noise itself.
To stop the stop plate from resonating, the most effective way is to fix different kinds of metal together. Each metal has a different resonance frequency. So by fixing combinations of different metal, eliminates each otherÅfs resonance frequency and stop vibration. For our stands, 2017 Duralumin and brass are fixed together. It is very important to consider each materials characteristic and resonance.

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