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Tara Labs's RSC Air 1 Series 2 (Pair)
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Tara Labs's RSC Air 1 Series 2 (Pair)

Speaker Cables by Tara Labs

Manufacturer's Description:

As the most neutral and revealing speaker cable in the AIR Series 2 Series, the AIR 1 Series 2 will deliver a presentation that other brands of speaker cables simply cannot match.  The AIR 1 Series 2 speaker cable provides high-frequency extension that is not heard in other brands and designs of speaker cables.  The frequency-tuned™ Rectangular Solid Core® conductors are helixed around the outer wall of the TARA Labs air-tube®. The TARA Labs' Helix Array® Technology is best described as a hollow air-tube™ with the conductors helixed around the air-tube™.  This provides an exact conductor arrangement wherein the conductors simulate a thin-walled copper tube - the theoretically perfect conductor.  The AIR 1 Series 2 delivers lifelike sounding vocals, pin-point imaging and resolution of fine detail with ease.  You will hear an accurate harmonic structure extending upwards in frequency with the finest and most delicate high-frequencies.

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