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Acoustic Revive's RGC-24 Grounding Conditioner
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Acoustic Revive's RGC-24 Grounding Conditioner

Misc. Accessories by Acoustic Revive

Manufacturer's Description:

Ideal ground enviroment that dramatically improves sound quality!

RCA plug connection adapter included.

Principle and Stucture:
As for audio product, it is an ideal to get high quality grounding form the earth.  A lot of people have trouble getting grounding done, because of the enviroment where they live.  Even grounding has been done, it is difficult to get good result because of low ground resistance.  This could lead to countercurrent of noise and radio signal on to the sound.  Also, if ther is a mistake in how dropping the ground from the equipment, ther is a chance of ground loop and ham noise getting on to the audio signal.

RGC-24 fixes chassis electrical current potential and electric field outbreak by virtual ground enviroment.  This leads to stability in circuit moment, which improves sound.  Inside the RGC-24 there is blend of natural ore, which has minus electrical current potential.  Electrical current potential and electric field from the equipment travels through the attached cable and to inside of the RGC-24.

Even in the enviroment where ground is already been drawn, you can improve sound quality more by using RGC-24.

Pricing Information

Price: $1,050.00
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