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RF-57 Mark II Tuning Bases (Set of 8)
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RF-57 Mark II Tuning Bases (Set of 8)

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Manufacturer's Description:

Electronic components, especially loudspeakers, are subjected to various types of vibrations, Harmonix tuning bases, once placed in pre-defined patterns upon a speaker, greatly improve overall bass response, mid-range definition and dynamic range. By redistributing mechanical vibration, the bases also give mid-range transients and stereo depth a surprising boost. Another important advantage is that they eliminate the nasal, metallic sound characteristic of many speaker designs of today, particularly when reproducing the human voice. Voices now sound truer, much more faithful to the original singer. Also, there is a major improvement in the clarity of pianissimo sound with a distinct three-dimensional widening of the sound stage.

Serious audiophiles position tuning bases at other sensitive points specific to their speakers. In fact, professionals use these bases on even their most massive, high-end equipment to create a wider dynamic range and better contrast with clearer-yet more subtle-presentation. Positioning the bases around the tweeter reduces treble grain and increases purity of sound as well as producing more space and transparency. While audiophiles have to spend hours tweaking and tuning their system to achieve far less satisfactory results, Harmonix tuning bases improve a system instantly and without the hours of work.

(10mm dia. x 2mm)
8 pcs/set

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