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Rega's RB700
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Rega's RB700

Tonearms by Rega

Manufacturer's Description:

The RB700, improves greatly on the previous model, the RB600. The aluminium tube has been specially coated in a unique finish and the entire bearing housing has been redesigned and is now manufactured to even higher tolerances.

The tonearm tube itself (which is a one piece silicone/aluminium casting) is very rigid, whilst being low mass. The tonearm assembly is concentrated around precision, hardened stainless steel, miniature ball races of the highest quality. The bearings fit on to ground shafts and into the tonearm using interference fits. This means that no adhesive is required and therefore none of the associated (component - adhesive - component) losses in rigidity prevail. It is fitted to the plinth by a 3-point fixing which is CNC machined out of a single solid block of Stainless steel. This provides the strongest most rigid base structure possible for the tonearm and causes less stress on the plinth and the RB700's bearing housing, and therefore the least possible resonance.

The RB700 tonearm is designed to make cartridges work harder, maximising the cantilever acceleration and travel as much as possible with the utmost accuracy within the cartridge body thus providing new levels of information.

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