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Acoustic Revive's RAF-48H Air-Floating Board
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Acoustic Revive's RAF-48H Air-Floating Board

Racks and Stands by Acoustic Revive

Manufacturer's Description:


W486*D436*H55(Approx.) mm

(when inflated, not including terminals)

Top board size




Maximum load


An inflator attached

(White or Black)

Air floating board - ultimate isolation is made affordable!

The air floating board RAF-48 has achieved ultimate isolation effect by floating the audio apparatus on a special AIR supported board.

RAF-48 which has won the Audio Excellence Award 2010 TOP Prize for accessories category has evolved to RAF-48H by now using the natural material “Hickory”.

Replacing the top-board from a Birch plywood type to one made from Hickory, the sound has improved further to more stable, vivid and organic presentation.

RAF-48 employs the same air floating structure that is used for valuable electron microscope boards.

We have managed to produce this board while maintaining an affordable price. Air has an overwhelming isolation ability compared to other vibration isolation materials like rubber or springs.

Isolation ability of the RAF-48H is almost perfect and it achieves a remarkable improvement of S/N ratio that is incomparable to the board of other structures.

The effect of the new Hickory board is low distortion increased transparency and improved texture of sound, even phase characteristics are improved. This results in a deeper, wider and higher three dimensional soundstage.



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Price: $1,925.00
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