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QuickSilver Gold
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QuickSilver Gold

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The BEST Contact Enhancer we have tried! Treat Your Entire System…You Won’t Be Disappointed!

QuickSilver GOLD™ is a new cryogenically treated contact enhancer made from a proprietary blend of three precious metals. We strongly recommend you take the time to treat the ends of your interconnects, speaker wires, A/C cords, fuse holders, phono cartridge pins and tube pins! QuickSilver GOLD™ will dramatically improve resolution, dynamics, transparency, image separation and front-to-back layering.
The Problem: As electricity flows through your system, it deteriorates due to the microscopic surface roughness of the cable connection contact points. Every link in this chain unfortunately causes some signal loss, and most importantly, adds micro-arcing noise.
The Solution: QuickSilver GOLD™ dramatically reduces this signal loss and preserves the original music signal! We guarantee that after treatment with QuickSilver GOLD™, you will hear your entire system come to life like you’ve never experienced! All QuickSilver products come complete with the most well thought out tools for application, the best full-color instructions of any contact enhancer and a full 100% money back guarantee.

The Bottom Line: QuickSilver GOLD™ treated connections will allow you to realize the full potential of your audio and video components for the first time! QuickSilver GOLD™ should not be considered as an optional accessory – but an absolute necessity!

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