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Alpha Core Goertz's Python Hybrid (Pair)
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Alpha Core Goertz's Python Hybrid (Pair)

Speaker Cables by Alpha Core Goertz

Manufacturer's Description:

Introduced in 1994.....Alpha-Core's GOERTZ™ loudspeaker cables have won international acclaim for virtually eliminating distortion even in the longest runs. GOERTZ cables are flat and may be placed under carpets or behind baseboards if desired. Since the flat architecture is not always required we are now introducing a selection of sturdy cables based on the patented GOERTZ technology but with important added features. The new flat conductor cables are round in cross section and named the Serpents due to their shape and shimmering, speckled pattern. Please note that the Serpents are here to supplement, not replace the GOERTZ cables.

Python MI2, the first Serpent, is electrically and sonically equivalent with our most popular GOERTZ MI2. It contains four film insulated flat, solid OFC copper conductors sandwiched intimately on top of one another and then twisted and embedded in a cylindrical, solid jacket of high grade polymer. The resin is cast in place to totally support and protect the flat conductor bundle, meaning that Python can take any amount of punishment and still sound and look like new.

The newcomers are true low inductance cables just like our original GOERTZ brand, but the twist enhances noise rejection even further to effectively prevent RF and EM interference from entering the feed-back loop. Python MI2 may be terminated either for 10 gauge single wiring or 13 gauge bi-wiring. When ordered for bi-wiring we recommend Rhodium Banana plugs rather than spades at the speaker end because the flat conductors with spades may prove awkward in case of a tight binding post pattern.

The Serpents are available factory terminated with solid silver spades or Rhodium plated spades, banana plugs, or pin connectors. 

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