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Shunyata Research's Python CX
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Shunyata Research's Python CX

Power Cables by Shunyata Research

Manufacturer's Description:

Within the CX Series, the least expensive SideWinder and Viper models deliver the state-of-the-art in performance when applied to any system regardless of price. Beginning with the Python, each successive CX model offers a new reference in terms of the performance improvement they bring to the industry’s finest professional and consumer home-entertainment systems. The Python CX allows all electronic artifacts, perceived noise and dynamic compression to vanish, leaving the most natural and uncolored vista with which to experience sound and music at its best. The performance gains are so dramatic, so obvious, that even the industry’s most hardened skeptics will hear the profound difference the CX Series Python makes in literally any decent sound or music system.

The Python CX benefits from a massive array of 280 conductors culled from Shunyata’s CDA 101 copper. The conductors are wound into a dual counter rotating Helix geometry that has been proven to reduce the effects of radiated noise and internal, unwanted reflections. The Python CX’s massive 9 gauge conductor compliment is capable of delivering over 30 amps of current to even the most current hungry amplifier or powered speaker. Terminations are Shunyata’s own, optimized SR-ZP AC and IEC connectors. Finally, the Python CX undergoes Shunyata’s exclusive Alpha Cryogenic conductor treatment processes before being finished and ready for application!

The Python CX will redefine the performance of all components, whether delicate analog, digital or recording sources, or even high power amplification and power distribution. Though the Python CX can be used throughout a system as a reference in and of itself, ideal power distribution system may include Python CX for source and line components, with its counterpart, the larger gauge Anaconda CX for amplifiers and other high current electronics.

All internal wiring, connectors and conductive elements are treated with Shunyata Research's exclusive performance enhancing Alpha Cryogenic process.

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