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Shunyata Research's Python Ztron Digital (AES/EBU)
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Shunyata Research's Python Ztron Digital (AES/EBU)

Digital: AES/EBU by Shunyata Research

Manufacturer's Description:
RCA version is pictured.

The Python Digital cable is the harbinger of a revolutionary new technology that is poised to redefine the performance of all digital systems. Shunyata Research's ground-breaking  (tsi-trän) technology is applied within all Python and Anaconda model PowerSnakes cables and is responsible for delivering performance never before experienced from any cable product -- at any price.  technology's ability to quiet internal signal related distortions along the length of the conductor and dielectric allows the Python Digital cable to perform as if there were a sudden and dramatic increase in sampling rate and bit resolution from the source component. Strong words? They are supported by the experiences of some of the world's finest electronics and speaker manufacturers who have acted as a testing ground for these ground-breaking new products.

The Python digital cable also benefits from Shunyata's many other exclusive technologies such as the VTX hollow core conductors, CDA 101 copper, Alpha Cryogenic treatments and 100% coverage copper-foil shielding. Although top-quality connectors, high-grade conductors, parts and material are important to the Python's performance, it has become clear to anyone who listens that the performance effect of Shunyata Research's  technology dwarfs any other wire, connector or parts difference in any other cable, regardless of cost.

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